Balancing music at any time in life is tough, let alone with a family, job and (currently) a pandemic to keep in mind. Yet somehow, superheroic singer-songwriter Alex Spencer does it all - forms bands, plays shows, looks after the kids, and remains positive and optimistic through it all. It's pretty inspiring.

Recorded back in March 2020, before the world all went a little crazy, Alex and I sat down to talk about keeping the musical spark alive, harnessing the energy of live music gatherings to form bands, and how one defines oneself in a field of singer-songwriters.

Alex is currently working on an EP, which has been delayed with the coronavirus pandemic. Until then though, I completely recommend checking out her work on Spotify, Bandcamp and more, beginning with her most recent jazz-influenced release Shine.

Also on this episode: Haim and My Morning Jacket

So the reviews aren't exactly random these days; they tend to be of artists I appreciate. This time it's no different.

Haim's latest effort, Women in Music Pt.3, is great and well worth checking out if you need a breezy soundtrack to your summer. Also out now is The Waterfall II from My Morning Jacket - a sort of collection of b-sides to their previous album, The Waterfall, which is just as stunning as the origin.

Plus a word from our correspondents

A new feature on BPM Pod is our lockdown/home correspondents. (Thanks to the Kermode and Mayo Film Review for the idea.)

It's pretty simple: if you're got something to say on anything you've listened to recently, and you can keep your opinions to around 30 seconds or so, send a clip in.

The very first home correspondent is a friend of the show: the fabulous, sassy Chance Bair of the band Heavy Heavy. (Check out their episode here.) He reviews War With the Newts track Refugee. Get ready for a smack in the chops indeed (listen below).

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