Ep.46 - Hans Annellsson

Hans and I first met back in 2014, in Malmö in Sweden. I was nervous ahead of an acoustic gig at a club I had never played - a gig attended by a bunch of my colleagues who did not even know I sang my own music. 

Right before I was due on stage, coming ahead of the band Shuvit, this guy bounded up to me and asked if I could join him in the studio sometime. "It'll be fun," he said, and gave me his card.

I called him the next day. Now, years later, we've exchanged a bunch of musical stories, helped each other write, record and release songs, and become friends. (Though we don't see each other as much as we should these days, what with one thing and another.)

There's no easier way to say it: Hans is somewhat of a musical genius. Unbound by genre, musically knowledgeable like no one I have met before, and incredibly humble to go with it, Hans perhaps hasn't found the fame or fortune he wants or deserves, but by god he has a legacy for sure. 

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, drummer, producer, mixer, teacher, and one of the biggest Frank Zappa fans you'll find, we talk all that and more in this episode. It's a long journey but a great one. 

For more of Hans' music, go to: http://www.annellssongs.com/

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