Ep.49 - FragFrank

So I usually like to script my own intros here, but today I cannot do this better than the band have themselves. So here goes:

Straightforward blues punk.

Not mainstream, German lyrics, danceable, and loud.

FragFrank distills the essence of rock music and appeals to hedonistic instincts. Like an engine, the band is best appreciated revved hot and live. The essentials are the energy of the fast riffs, crisp drum beats, and independent bass rhythms.

FragFrank has a number of suggestions for improving the world, is bursting with political statements, but mostly blasts heavy music straight to the brain. No more and no less.”

FragFrank have just released their album – titled number 1 (stylised as # 1) – and are currently in the process of promoting that. Joining me on this episode is Martin (guitarist/songwriter), Andre (bassist/singer) and Keith (drummer).

We talk musical beginnings, how to make the world a better place in the post-covid world and what's next after number one for FragFrank. 

To listen to FragFrank, go to Soundcloud or wherever you listen to your music. For more information on the band, go to FragFrank's website or Facebook.

Also on this episode, we review the debut EP from singer-songwriter Noir Yon. Worth a listen for sure. Check it out below.

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