A big bumper edition of BPM Pod to close out 2020. We talk to multi-instrumentalist Kris Sinister about his work across a range of bands, why The Beatles might be the best band ever, and how important good gear and horror films are to his music. 

Plus we spend a while looking back at the achievements of BPM Pod over 2020 and hand out the first BPM Pod awards. Timecodes and award categories are below. 

Happy new year!


  • 00:00 Introduction and review of BPM Pod over 2020
  • 05:30 BPM Pod Awards
    • Song of the Year = Phoebe Bridgers, I Know The End
    • Album of the Year = Fiona Apple, Fetch the Boltcutters
    • BPM Pod Song of the Year = Molly's Peck, Hope You Don't Mind + Moves Johnson and the Boxhoppers, Wet
    • BPM Pod Album/EP of the Year = Heavy Heavy, Wait Where Is My... Oh There It Is
    • BPM Pod Interview of the Year = Birgit Jones
    • Most Gushing Moment of the Year = King Buffalo episode
    • Best Guest Gift Award = Orange Utan for a vinyl copy of their album Katastrophil
    • Most Airtime Award = Chris Weinhardt
  • 23:45 Kris Sinister interview
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