Everyone and anyone who knows me - or even if you only listen to this podcast - knows I am a massive Queen fan. From watching their music videos over and over on VHS as a kid, through to owning pretty much all of their music as I grew up, there's something about the band that has allured me ever since my grandfather turned me onto them.

I make no apologies at all for saying that, to me, Queen are the greatest rock band ever. There's been no one better since, and I don't see anyone bettering them soon. Their shining star was, of course, Freddie Mercury. And again, I don't mind relying on hyperbole when I declare that Freddie is the best rock singer of all time either. Again, no one has come close, or is coming close.

The music of Queen is not all great though. Their albums were rarely consistent in terms of track quality, and their styles were a little too varied and unfocused at times (even within one single song). But the fact that Queen need three greatest hits albums to even scratch the surface of their back catalogue speaks volumes about the quality of music the band created.

And let's not forget their incredible live prowess too. Of course, led by the showman Freddie, there was the sense you were watching a circus ring leader rather than a rock singer - and that's meant as an entirely positive thing, I assure you.

Queen are thoroughly entertaining, stunningly talented, and quite simply irresistible. So picking their top 10 songs is a stupid endeavour, right?

Yes, you're correct. But did that stop me? Does my own stupidity stop me doing anything on any given day?

Nope, it does not. So without further ado, here are my personal favourite Queen tracks.

And before I go

You might think: "Hey, I did not follow BPM Pod to hear about the things you like. Where are the interviews?"

Well first off, that is a legitimate thing to wonder. There has been a decline in interviews recently, and it's been a real shame.

The reason?

My wife and I now have a baby. You're sure to hear little Ella on the podcast sometime soon, probably crying in the background. Of course, this has somewhat drained my time and energy, so bear with me.

Rest assured though: there are not many of these short list podcasts left before we get back into the swing of things.

Stay safe everyone.

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