And so the time has come - we are into the final two parts of the Chris Weinhardt marathon. (Except it has four parts, not 26 miles of audio, so that doesn't really work as a description, but you get what I mean.)

It's been a long journey from lip-syncing, to autotune, to Led Zeppelin, to The Smurfs. Yup, The Smurfs. In the final two parts of the interview - combined here into one 30-minute episode - the Weinhardt weirdness does not let up.

Dishing the Durst

For whatever reason, Limp Bizkit (specifically the antics of Fred Durst) turn up a lot on BPM Pod. But so far the stories have been urban legend, with no one really knowing the guy personally.

Until Chris Weinhardt comes along - the damn hero has met the guy. Yes, the actual Fred Durst. It's quite a claim to fame.

In this episode, we talk about that meeting backstage (which sounds like a terrible family reunion, quite frankly) and what it meant for the music of Weinhardt.

Is the album format dead?

The first topic we tackle in this episode is the album format. There are a bunch of artists still putting out wonderful albums which take you on a journey, but it's an exception rather than a rule.

Today the single is king (the Kingle? Bad joke.) Albums usually flow, but not in an adventurous, journey sense. Instead, they represent a compilation of previous bi-monthly released three-minute singles. Gone are the long cuts, the middle-album jams, and the little secret tracks.

But is this really a bad thing? Has the album died at all? We discuss.

What a country

Final topic we talk about is country music - because we were a few beers down at this point, so why the hell not?

Country music isn't necessarily reflected in the music of Weinhardt, but Chris loves it all the same. We exchange views on the topic and discuss some of the country artists we like today. (Not Ryan Adams, though he does get a mention, albeit in a disdainful way. Prick.)

Revisit the previous parts

Listen below if you missed the previous parts of the interview with Chris Weinhardt. And, of course, don't forget to check him out. There's a new single out too called 'Sunset Rails' which is also below.

Sunset Rails - Weinhardt

Parts 1 and 2

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