While I spend a little more time editing the upcoming episode with Hans Annellsson, here's a quick mention of some of the newest music out there currently from some people you might not have heard of before.

We kick things off with Molly's Peck and their album Hope You Don't Mind. Smooth, soulful, sensitive yet playful, it's certainly worth your time.


Weinhardt, who are friends of BPM Pod, also released a new track titled Sunset Rails. Summery, indie-rock anthem which will stick in your head, for sure.


Thanks to Weinhardt, I was made aware of something called Strock.tv and their series of concerts from Huxley's in Berlin. Weinhardt did a great set there, which led me down the rabbit hole to discover more artists, notably Nader Rahy and Birgit Jones.

Nader Rahy has some kind of cool quality about him which I cannot quite put my finger on. His acoustic stuff in the performance I saw is somewhat like Cat Stevens, albeit modernized. Really quite pleasant stuff.


And what to say about Birgit Jones except: THEY ARE KICKASS. Heavy gloom-doom-jam-stoner-alternative-heavy-rock from a group of amazing female badasses.


Finally, I turn my attention to the wonderful Phoebe Bridgers, who released a track not too long ago from her brilliant album Punisher. The track - I Know The End - is not only one of my faves this year, but of the past decade. It's simultaneously haunting, inspiring, melancholic and hopeful. And the ending is absolutely superb.


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