Interview: Ella Fuchs (Ella & Nik)

November 13, 2019

Softly spoken, sensitive, and soulful - that's not only the way to describe Ella Fuchs as a guest, but also her music too.

Originally from Berlin, Germany, Ella still strolls the streets, spreading her guitar-driven melodies of love and loss. With early beginnings in a somewhat musical family, Ella soon discovered that music is not only a good personal outlet for problems, but a way to connect with people, to have fun, and to tell a story.

One-half of the duo Ella & Nik, Ella and I talk about how to get started in music, the competitiveness of the scene, and who the music (of anyone) is actually for.

Also in the episode

Not much else this time, due to illness (trying to save my voice). But I am playing live on 20 Nov 2019 - tickets available here.

Also, I quickly ran through some of our upcoming episodes with Tidal Wave, Forest Island, and the Acoustic Guitar Project (certainly worth checking out in advance).